Making a Decision About Office Space

Making a Decision About Office Space

When deciding how much space your employees need in your office, you will think about your location in financial terms. However, when you are deciding about the office space your company will occupy, you should be looking at the amount of space your employees need. How Much Office Space Do You Need Per Employee There […]

Should You Check Out Executive Office Suites Near You?

Should You Check Out Executive Office Suites Near You?

Office executive suites are serviced offices in a business center. They are designed for entrepreneurs who would prefer not to work from home but who also don’t want to rent a traditional office space. Besides providing tenants with furnished and unfurnished offices, business centers also offer shared amenities, such as a shared kitchen with appliances, […]

The Difference Between Executive Suites and Office Spaces in Cape Coral, FL

Difference Between an Executive Suite and Conventional Office Space

Executive suites are becoming more popular each day. They are a flexible and economical alternative to renting traditional office space. If you own a business, you need an office space to support your business, employees, and customers. The area should be able to provide a productive working condition. You are likely to consider an executive […]

Why Choose an Executive Office Suite

Why Choose an Executive Office Suite

Executive office suites offer a distraction-free, comfortable, and affordable alternative to working from home or renting a traditional office. We are in a situation where many are working from home. In these times, you may ask, do I need an office anyway? For now, the answer might be a resounding yes. Not even the distractions […]

What’s the Difference Between a Coworking Space and a Virtual Office?

Whether you run a work-from-home operation or make your earnings as a freelancer from Cape Coral, Florida, having an office address brings more credibility to your operations while keeping your home address safe from public view. But seeing that an office location doesn’t come cheap, most WFH employers and freelancers go for more affordable options. […]

5 Ways Your Team Will Benefit From Executive Office Space

Many small businesses in Southwest Florida find themselves in a dilemma. They are trying to grow and maybe even expanding their teams, but growth means tighter cash flow and overly full schedules. Both these situations make it hard to think about the cost and complexities of setting up a traditional office. Working from home is […]

How To Make An Informed Decision When Renting Executive Suites

No matter the industry you’re in, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. Your office represents your business. It can either make a bad or good impression on prospective clients. Whether you’re trying to win a new client or have a place for you and your employees to work away from home, you […]

Trendy Furniture For Executive Suites You Can Rent


When talking to important clients, you need an office space that promotes collaboration. An executive suite is an ideal location for the meeting of minds. When you talk about executive suites, the setup must be aligned with your client’s expectations. This means that you need to spruce up your office landscape with all the essential […]

Essentials in Meeting Rooms: Ways To Make A More Collaborative Environment

A meeting room is not just a place where people come together to discuss details of a business plan. A healthy workplace needs to work towards a common goal and it all starts with promoting collaboration. However, the idea of creating a collaborative space is easier said than done. A meeting room should not only […]

Make Meetings More Productive By Upgrading Your Conference Rooms

The workplace environment is one of the factors that influence the productivity of employees. So even if you’re organizing a monthly meeting, making sure that it is as productive as possible requires research. Employees are more likely to pay attention when they feel good. Meetings should be held in a room where there is enough […]